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There’s no feeling like the pride of a job well done. We help people find that feeling every day.

It doesn’t matter where you spend your workday. If you’re going to take the time to do a job yourself, you deserve the best materials. And you deserve the advice of someone who’s stood in your shoes and tackled their own projects countless times before. Come to us and get the right material for your lumber project. The coffee’s on and the advice is free.

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On-site delivery

Our experienced delivery and forklift drivers can bring your materials to your home or project site quickly and safely.

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They’ll assess your job site and unload your materials in a convenient location. 

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Design and planning

If you’re thinking about building a new deck or fence, make our store your first stop.

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Our experts have tackled their fair share of home improvements. They can help you plan your project and purchase the right materials. We can also connect you to reliable suppliers for engineered floor systems.

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Reliable advice

We don’t hire part-time employees. We hire full-time builders.

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Chinook’s experts have spent decades in this industry, and they continue to learn more and more every day. You can count on us for reliable, unbiased advice at every step of the project.

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Premium grade lumber and products

Every product and board you find at Chinook has been carefully chosen for its ability to deliver lasting quality.

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We work very hard to build strong relationships with mills so you get #2 and better grade 2x4s, fence boards, deck materials, plywoods and fascia boards. You’ll be amazed by the quality you can get for a competitive price. 

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