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Stay on site and in control. We make it possible.

Your project needs your leadership, so we spend our time finding ways to save you time.

A job site can be a chaotic environment. When it’s your leadership that keeps the project on track, you can’t afford to spend your time sourcing materials or waiting in a checkout lane. Leave that work to us.

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A dedicated point person

Order materials, track down a special product or get a set of trusses delivered to your job site through a single point of contact.

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When you build with Chinook, you’ll work with a dedicated point person. Together with Chinook’s team of experts, your point person will make your operation even more successful. 

  • Job site check-ins at the frequency you want, so you always have what you need.
  • Quick deliveries and special orders to keep your project on schedule.
  • Experienced drivers for reliable forklift unloading and accurate jobsite placement.
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Customized tools and resources

Leave the time consuming details to us. Our accounting, take-off and design services are tailored to your business.

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We want our service to be the difference between a good build and a great one, so we customize the Chinook experience to your needs. 

  • Expert take-off's, so there are no surprises when your materials arrive on site.
  • Fast engineered wood floor system design.
  • Customized billing and job accounting so you spend more time doing what you love and less time in the office.
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Premium grade lumber and products

Every product and board you find at Chinook has been carefully chosen for its ability to deliver lasting quality.

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We work very hard to build strong relationships with mills so you get #2 and better grade 2x4s, cedar, fence boards, deck materials, plywoods, and fascia boards. You’ll be amazed by the quality you can get for a competitive price. 

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Chinook customer portal

Our customer portal lets you browse products at contractor rates and get up-to-date account information.

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  • Reduce the number of sales and order inquiries
  • Access your current orders
  • Create your own orders
  • Review quotes we’ve put together for you
  • View your invoices
  • Keep a record of your statements with your client activity dating back to 2006
  • Download your invoices into Quickbooks

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