3 Benefits of Ordering & Having Materials Delivered from Chinook

  • TimeUnder 3 minutes

We understand the time and energy a project takes. Whether you’re starting a new project or need materials midway through, you can rely on our team to keep things running smoothly. 

Breaking halfway through your day for pickups can put a real kink in your work flow. It’s as simple as checking our selection of lumber and composites online, or calling your nearest Chinook Lumber location to place an order for delivery.

Here are three reasons why you should take advantage of our delivery services for your next project:

1. Save time

Don’t disrupt the flow of your project. Stay on site and continue building to keep things on time and on budget, by taking advantage of our delivery service.

Our expert drivers will do their absolute best to get your materials as close to your building site as possible, saving you valuable unloading time.

2. Save money

Time is money. Our efficient delivery service helps reduce cost and helps keep you on budget by working with you, on your time.

3. Save energy

We come to you. With Chinook, you can order materials and have them delivered directly to your job site, all through a single point of contact. Shop on your own time and choose the delivery window that works for your project.

We understand your process well – you’ll be glad you called or ordered online ahead of time, and had your materials delivered.

In addition to delivery, Chinook Lumber offers:

  • Our will-call service, which makes it easy to pick up your order in-store
  • Specialists to help plan your project and choose product
  • Quick deliveries and special-order products, including doors and windows

Shop all our departments online, or call your nearest Chinook Lumber location to place an order for delivery.